Complete Guide to IELTS Grammar

In the IELTS test, Grammar is awarded a separate band score in both the Speaking and Writing modules. You are assessed on your ability to use correct and appropriate grammar and on the range of sentence types that you produce. Even simple sentences need to be written accurately but in order to raise your score above Band 4, you also need to be able to show that you can use some complex sentence types and have an understanding of the relevant tenses and structures.

This section offers concise yet comprehensive coverage of the grammar necessary in order to be successful in the IELTS test. It is designed for students with a limited amount of time to prepare for the IELTS test or for students who have already completed an IELTS course and would like a last-minute guide to the test.

You’ll be able to feel your progress in speaking and writing mainly, because this is where you will actively use grammar structures to express your ideas. However, knowing grammar will also help you understand language, both in reading and in listening, because you’ll become more familiar with grammar structures and will understand what others want to say right away.

The best way to improve your grammar is to study each rule one by one, read some examples, make your own examples and then practice each rule by doing exercises.

We selected some important grammar rules for you to learn so that you feel more confident in the IELTS exam. Each rule is followed by examples and a short exercise. Once you’ve done the exercises, you can check with the answer key at the end of the post.